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Actually been renaissance dental discussing this idea with a couple of people we have tentative plans to start hosting some events I want it to be a trans formative experience .

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I want there to be a clear before-and-after I came in with this question or this problem at the beginning of the day and when I left I felt some type of resolution about this question or this problem that’s what I want the benefit of

that day to be and I also don’t want it to be about the nuts and bolts of Fi I don’t want it to be about how do I figure out what to do about health insurance those questions are google-able

I want the benefit of an in-person event to be the type of thing that you could only do in person for example get clarity about your post fi life get clarity about what’s next sort of a what color is my parachute fire edition and so

what I want to do is throughout the rest of this year you know this year I’ll be at Camp mustache I’ll be at Camp Fi I’ll be at two of the Chautauqua’s in Ecuador and.

I’ve been to many many of these in the past but this year as I’m there I’m going to be there with an eye two wards and thinking deeply about how do

I take what I’m seeing here and turn it into some meaningful transformative experience for people who come to a live event that’s what

I’m gonna do this year in and then in my plan is to roll out the first two events and the first two events will be in San Diego and in Austin and I’m

gonna start those as one-day events until I really feel like the value the benefit that people get from being there is just trans formative so I’m not just gonna put .