truth about humana dental by dentist

but I would when I’ve had friends I’ve had humana dental members get it done and basically they say what everybody’s saying like oh I wasn’t that bad or hey that was amazing I’m glad I don’t have to go to traditional way of doing it and so

I think it’s a fear no that’s it that’s the tiny button later laser it it eliminates that fear that people we’ll think about when they think about the traditional way and that’s why it’s kind of grown

my practice as guys now they know it’s a minimally invasive way to do the procedure at the end of the day and they have that alternative because patients are scared

they don’t want to go through cutting back the gums and cleaning all that out and and if they feel like it so it’s a better way or it is a it is a better way of doing it that’s the that’s the win and I I’ve had periodontist tell

me privately they say Randy it hurts so much the old surgery that you only do one side of the mouth right and then you have to beg the patient to come back and to do the other side of

the mouth and good luck trying to get them back in right whereas with the laser he said you could calm the next night and they’re fine correct several occasions I’ve called him and like

I said with a lot of times we’ll do the whole mouth and so that kind of limits them running away I guess you would say but they don’t have any pain or any like eyes it’s

a little discomfort right there’s nothing like the traditional way of doing it so no more bleeding gums bad breath loose teeth even to clots that means right it’s really you could avoid the exactly

I mean it’s been some teeth that I was like and the patient’s like I don’t really want to see my teeth and I was like yeah well

we’ll use the laser and I’m not exaggerating it is phenomenal some of these results I mean the tuning Keys saving teeth I mean the tooth is moving around we got to