The lost insurance plan is dentemax insurance plan

Basically we had a piece in our dentemax that said we’ll set aside a million dollars to use as an incentive to encourage providers to.


Take new main care patients and there would be a working group that would figure out how to

Do that incentive and they took that out the incentive and the working group but the basic comprehensive benefit was still which is the most important part was stayed in we were so excited and I’ll just say our

Emergency benefit was put into place in my colleague Chris Hasson who still works here was there helped make that happen it was taken us years to get to a place where the stars were aligned and the energy was there and

Partners from both the people who are directly affected as well as providers and other healthcare people recognize the value of this and said we are going to make sure that people have access to this so it’s taken a long

Time and I think the message of the last five or six years specifically around expansion and the national conversation around universal health care have really pushed the envelope around what people’s expectations are for

Healthcare and that’s how we got to this place so next slide um we were super excited about the fact that we got to see an animus but we actually weren’t expecting a unanimous vote we didn’t know that we were going to

get it so that was really exciting cuz there’s a couple of conservative legislators on that committee that we didn’t know we would have and then further conversation after the fact we realized that one of the one that

probably was Linda kind of getting us that vote she had a personal experience with some of her family who couldn’t afford dental care and the consequences of that made her r