idea about dental insurance no waiting period

Dental insurance no waiting period so much happening so we have the Medicare dental benefit Act by Senator Cardin that has a companion House bill HR there’s also the Medicare dental vision and hearing benefit Act of

The seniors have eyes ears and teeth Act and the Medicare and Medicaid dental vision and hearing benefit Act of and Melissa also had on her slide

That there’s some forthcoming legislation that we’re anticipating from Sanders and representative Neal so we’ve got a lot of momentum here

which is super exciting to see this I wanted to point out Senator Casey’s bill is also really interesting because it not only adds a dental benefit to Medicare but also has language in it to encourage states to increase their

dental benefit under the Medicaid program by increasing the federal match to States so some really exciting legislation but obviously a long way to go in order to make that legislation real and I think your stories are so incredibly

important so as Melissa mentioned there’s a lot of ways to get engaged and one of them is really by providing stories that we can use and building the momentum around adding a dental benefit a lot of older adults don’t realize

that when they come off their employer coverage and they go into Medicare that Medicare doesn’t even cover dental so they’re completely surprised by that and then even when they get coverage you know the fuse a few

percentage that you get receive coverage that coverage is rarely comprehensive and it has high out-of-pocket cost so we still see a lot of gaps even for those individuals who have coverage so all of those stories are really important and that website